Sunday, February 05, 2012

Video game log, week two!

Alright, let's chat about Soul Calibur V's character creation mode.

I have spent almost as much time creating characters and unlocking outfits as I have spent practicing the game.  It is a whole bunch of fun, and is a great way to involve people who are not interested in learning how deep the fighting mechanics of the game go.  The character creation is so robust that it is a game in its own right.

Thus far, I have created a version of Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, a Zero Suit Samus wielding Ivy's whipsword (why isn't there a lightsaber version?  sigh), and to enable usage of the "unique" moveset to Create a Soul heroes, I have made Motoko Kusanagi to use Devil Jin's moveset.

Additionally, my sister in-law and wife have created a living pirate version of Cervantes, jokingly called Capt. Blood.  Note:  Amanda (sister in-law) does not play any games of any kind, and she was able to make this work with almost no prompting from me.  Hooray!  Proof of this working.

Great stuff that I would love to show off to people at some point as a way to invite a wide variety of people to feel included in a genre that is typically extremely exclusive.

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